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Cocoa is a rich source of essential minerals. Polyphenols (antioxidants) help fight free radicals which cause many disease conditions in the human body

To make this rich source of antioxidants available to a lot more people, TN Delfah Ghana Limited set up a cocoa division under the trade name GOLDEN POD to provide a variety of cocoa products that are carefully prepared, to bring out the flavour of cocoa without forsaking the health benefits


TN Delfah Ghana Limited wishes to contribute to sustainable production of cocoa by promoting consumption and utilization of cocoa in all forms


To produce strong brands of cocoa products from its natural forms as well as other forms that can be consumed or utilized by humans


1. Set up cocoa tourism as a way to educate and raise entrepreneurial interest in the youth and all groups of people

2. Make available cocoa products in natural unsweetend and chocolate drink forms that will encourage consumption of cocoa


3. Embark on continuous education of the Health benefits of cocoa with a view of making people aware of the benefits they gain from cocoa consumption

4. Introduce other forms of cocoa products such as soaps, body lotion etc to enable non-edible forms to be utilized

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